Maximum Oxidation

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Maximum Oxidation


Instant Patina in a Bottle! Simply spray it on for all the rust you could want!

Set includes one 32oz Bottle of “Step 1” and one 32oz Bottle of “Step 2” for a complete process.

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What is Maximum Oxidation?

Maximum Oxidation is a unique product that transforms bare metal into a perfectly smooth patina finish. This 2 step process gives you options to design your finished look and endless opportunities to make it one of a kind. You can use “Step 1” as a stand alone product or you can add the “Step 2” product to enhance and change the look of your patina depending on the desired finish. By this product resulting in a smooth surface, it allows you to apply a matte clear coat that will give you a uniform finish for a quality patina result with UV protection.

Different Uses


Cars & Trucks




Metal Signs


Custom Metal Artwork


Firearm Components

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Product Reviews

2 reviews for Maximum Oxidation

  1. Bj

    Its amazing it works so fast no prep and straight to clear this product changes the game

  2. Keith T.

    I have used this product on craft projects such as clocks and lamps to a couple custom piece brackets I made for a door. This product is hands down the easiest patina product out there

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